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Trump immigration Policy Ignites Protests

February 15, 2017 
By Dr. Leonard H. Golubchick

New York, NY – Here we are in a cold, wet and icy day at Battery Park but this did not deter 500 protesters against the President’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policy from synagogues located in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

The Hebrew Aid Society and the Workman’s circle  Those in the crowd referenced this policy which puts a ban on immigrants especially from Islam countries to the Nation’s response to the Holocaust which blocked Jews from escaping Nazism.

Mayor De Blasio addressed the  rain drenched dedicated protesters  and assured everyone that he will maintain New York as a sanctuary City and will provide  legal assistance with any immigrant threatened  by the immigration enforcement agency.

Meanwhile in the Bronx there was a demonstration   against Trump’s policy which bans immigrants from Muslim countries.  Some 300 protesters marched to the Bronx Court House in spite of the ice and rain soaked day.

Citizens are voicing their Democratic rights of free speech and right to demonstrate.  Obviously the Trump administration has ignored the contributions immigrants have made to the growth of our Democracy and future contributions they will make which will strengthen the fabric of the American character.

As Americans and unionist we must continue protests to ensure that our ideals and rights guaranteed by the Constitution are not violated. As a people and as union workers fully know the adage that in unity there is strength.

February 14, 2017

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