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Trump Immigrant Is Trumped By The Courts

February 3, 2017 
By Dr. Leonard H. Golubchick

Brooklyn Saturday January 28, 2017

New York, NY – At the rally of over 3,000 protestors in front of the Federal Court House over the President’s orders to bar immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim countries entrance into the United States the comments paralleled demonstrations all over the country  as well as internationally. Release these in detention at the airports and do not close our doors to refugees.

The crowd at the Federal Court House erupted into cheers and applause upon hearing the Court placing a “stay” preventing the implementation of the executive order regarding folks who have green cards and have reached The United States.

While art JFK airport there where over 1,000 protestors and amongst the crowd was Congress members Nydia Velasquez and Jerry Nadler. The Congress members vowed to fight this executive order as well as any moves by President Trump which is anti-American and anti-Democratic.

Given the fact that America Democracy casts a light all over the world which many people try to emulate such am order is anti-democratic The United States is the beacon of hope and a model for the world. As a nation of immigrants we cannot be closing the door to refugees. This executive order is ironically being promulgated on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Under the Trump po0lcy we are injuring our relations with the 7 countries identified by the executive order.  No matter how it is translated by press releases the order is anti-Islam. The issue is even more poignant when we consider we have Iraqis and Afghans who put their and their families’ lives in danger these folks work as translators and contractors for our military and embassies. They have been promised a road to a green card. By slamming the door on these brave folks we are also failing to realize who will fill these roles if we cannot fulfill our Nation’s obligation and continue our role and a model with a light casting a glow of Democracy throughout the world.

As the week unfolds we have witnessed that the detainees at the airports have been released and  in the Senate the looming battle over the new supreme Court has overshadowed many of the issues raised by the Presidential executive order.

February 2, 2017

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