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Trump Budget Would Hurt Everyone – Except the Wealthy

May 29, 2017

By Tara Jessup

May 30, 2017 
By Omar Tewfik
Reprinted: AFSCME.ORG

Washington, DC – The White House’s plan, released last night, would provide huge tax cuts to rich people like Trump and corporations and slash funding for many of the programs that millions of lower- and middle-class Americans depend on every day.

The plan, which Congress must act on, includes an $800 billion cut to Medicaid as well as steep reductions in spending on education, health care, meal-assistance programs for children and senior citizens, infrastructure, transportation, housing and Social Security. In case you forgot, candidate Trump vowed not to touch Medicaid or Social Security.

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders called the budget “a moral and economic disaster.”

In a statement Saunders said, “The cuts proposed in this plan will not only hurt children and the elderly, but also diminish the quality of life for millions of families nationwide, all to give massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy.”

“President Trump campaigned on a promise to lift up the forgotten man and woman,” Saunders added. “But his budget does nothing to support job-creating investments to help working people who are struggling to get by.”

May 29, 2017

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