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Transit Safety an International Issue

Experts from transit systems on four continents will participate July 27-29 in a conference on the health of urban transit workers. The conference, jointly organized by the CUNY Center for the Biology of Natural Systems and the 38,000-member TWU Local 100, will consider health studies of mass transit workers, technology changes in mass transportation systems, and  the experience of workers’ compensation, disability, health benefits and pensions of transit workers.

The conference agenda is being coordinated by TWU Local 100 Safety and Health Technical Director Frank Goldsmith, under the direction of the Union’s Director of Safety and Health Earl Phillips.It will be held at the Union’s Hall at 80 West End Avenue, off 64th Street in Manhattan. Dr. Goldsmith can be reached at the TWU’s main number, 212-873-6000.

Medical/scientific researchers will be joined by health, safety and  technology specialists from labor, management, government and academic bodies. Attendees  are expected from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Venezuela and the UK, as well as the U.S.

Said conference organizer Dr. Steven Markowitz of the CUNY Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, “This is a unique opportunity to pool the knowledge and share the experience deriving from several of the world’s largest transit operations. I don’t know of any comparable undertaking in this field.”

July 23, 2010

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