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Thinking About Becoming More Physically Active?

December 13, 2011
By Tom Canty Vice President and General Manager, Labor, Government and Special Accounts, Empire BlueCross BlueShield

Good for you! Just by thinking about it, you’re one step closer to becoming healthier and more energetic. If you’re procrastinating about when the magic moment to start actually is, ask yourself this question: Isn’t the best time for positive change right now?

Try to remember a time when you were physically active and felt great  Physical activity doesn’t always have to be “no pain, no gain.” It can actually be enjoyable and rewarding. Like a 15-minute walk on a sunny day.  Or kicking the soccer ball around with your kids.  Physical activity makes more energy than it takes!  Here are some suggestions for getting started:

         Find the time. Busy? Don’t let that stop you. Are there opportunities during the day at home, work or elsewhere to squeeze in some time for physical activity? How about walking up and down the stairs for 15 minutes during your lunch break? Or parking on the opposite end of the parking lot and walking a longer distance to the bus or train?
         Remember your physical activity successes and interests
. Think about physical activities that you have enjoyed or that sound interesting. Were there times in your life that you played a sport?  Are you interested in getting better at golf or tennis?  Would yoga help you unwind?
         Develop a support network.
Need a little extra support as you’re getting started? Talk to a family member, friend or co-worker who may already be physically active.  Find out how they got started and what keeps them motivated.
         Set small, specific goals. For example, if you chose physical activity at work as the target area you want to address this month, a specific goal might be to use the stairs instead of the elevator at least twice a week.
         Reward yourself. Celebrate achieving your goals, no matter how small. How about a new pair of sneakers, or a mini radio you can listen to while walking or stair climbing?
As they say, ‘just do it”!

December 13, 2011

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