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The Obama Anomaly

June 12, 2013
By John Zogby Contributor

Warning: I am going to be a multi-armed pollster. Zogby Analytics has just completed a poll – all taken after the revelation that the National Security Administration has been collecting "meta-data from Americans' telephone calls, Skye conversations, Google searches, and more. Surprisingly, President Barack Obama's overall job approval rating has dipped just two points to 51% and he is bolstered by strong support from Democrats (90%), liberals (89%), Hispanics (78%), African Americans (93%), and First Globals (62%).

Yet when Mr. Obama is measured on how well he is doing on major issues, a much different story emerges. The poll of 1247 likely voters nationwide was taken June 6 and 7 and shows that President's performance on taxes is viewed as positive only by 34%. He doesn't fare all that much better on the budget (33%), the economy (36%), and health care (39%, with a 41% "poor" rating). But he does get into majority-support territory on handling foreign policy (50%), the environment (50%) and "understanding the needs of the middle class (52%). Importantly, he has personal favorable that are pretty good: 52% favorable, 45% unfavorable.

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June 12, 2013

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