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The Ingredients for Financial Success

November 4, 2020

By Ben Kimmel

New York, NY – There is something to be said about people who have been etched in our history books. Their legacies remain because of their tenacity to continue and build when all others failed or chose to quit. In such cases. It was this same tenacity that built empires and cities alike.

Industries have been built by the dedication, blood, sweat and the hard work of those that chose to achieve their dreams and leave behind the indelible mark in our country’s pastime. This history has been built by builders and creators that dared to see their ideas come to fruition.

During the worst years of our economy and during the early years of New York City’s rise to achieve its skyline, union workers and builders created structures that remain as some of New York City’s notable structures. Buildings such as The Chrysler or The Empire State Building went up during The Great Depression. However, beyond the money and the meetings are the buildings that remain as the result of a great vision – and yet still, long after the construction was finished the product remains.

It is said that there are leaders and followers. It is said that there are those that are destined for greatness and others that find comfort with mediocrity. However, what is it that differs between the two? Is this a case of fortunate upbringings? Is this a result of better teaching and finer schooling? Or, is there a genetic phenomenon that separates common folks from those that choose to see greatness.

It is also said there are two ways to get money; either this comes the old fashioned way and the money is inherited or this comes the truly old fashioned way and money is earned. It is importantly noted that some names have been etched in history such as the Rockefellers or the Vanderbilts. What is it that led property owners such as Vornado to expand and buy Mendik Realty to become one of the largest commercial real estate owners and operators in New York City? How did names like Silverstein Properties reach the top of the list? 

There are many that struggle with the inaccurate concept that wealth and success is simply a game of luck. There is the belief that people are more apt to be successful due to their evolvement from a lucky gene pool or an inherited fortune. But in fairness, this assumption would be incorrect

Dr. Tom Stanley is the author of The Millionaire Next Door. His research found that approximately 20% of millionaires became this way through inheritance. The other 80% are first generation rich and came from nothing. This meant they worked for what they have.

Still, this does not answer the question. What is the key to success? What differentiates the common worker from the entrepreneur? Is this simply a case of luck or being at the right place at the right time? Or, is this more accurately defined as the secret of endurance and the ability to withstand the rise and fall of markets and trades. Aside from strong interpersonal and organizational skills, leadership qualities and business savvy, what makes the difference between an average businessperson and a successful entrepreneur?

Is this simply a result of privilege? Or is this less about the fairness of inclusion and more about an untouchable work ethic and attitude regardless of background or ethnicity?

In trying times, tenacity is everything. The ability to overcome diversity is everything and with the future being as it is, it is important to understand that the depth of commitment is equivalent to the span of success. And as such, this becomes the secret of endurance. This is what separates people in the business field. This is where success emerges from failure because put simply, some people are content to get by, some people succumb to failure, some want more for themselves, and beyond this, some people have the drive to build beyond comparison. 

New York City has been built by people of this standard. This City has been the business mecca of the world for decades. This is why there are skyscrapers in New York City with tall spires that poke into the belly of the sky. All of this is because of the visionaries that created them.

In truth, the only thing that separates the common worker from the entrepreneur is the unrelenting ability to keep moving, growing, learning and building until dreams become reality. The key ingredients to success are vision, work and the personal resolve to keep standing after one falls.

Therefore, the answer is simple, it is not the financial market that makes the businessperson. Quite oppositely, it is the businessperson that makes the market by any means necessary.

There are people that lead and others that follow. Which one do you want to be?

Ben Kimmel is a proud member of the IUOE Local 94, as well as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Peer & Wellness Advocate.  Ben can be reached at


November 4, 2020

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