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 Eye ExamNovember 22, 2010

Monovision is the name given to the art and science of fitting contact lenses on a patient who has developed presbyopia.  Presbyopia is the unavoidable change in vision that usually occurs around 40 years of age.  This condition causes difficulty in reading small print and focusing on near objects.  Most people are familiar with reading glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses as options for correcting presbyopia.  Another method of correcting presbyopia is known as “monovision”.  With monovision, one eye is fit with a distance lens (if needed) and the other eye is fit with a near lens.  The result will be clear vision for both distance and near.

Although it takes one or two weeks to adjust and adapt to monovision, some prefer it to reaching for reading glasses every time you need to read.

Monovision does not work for everyone, however it is a viable option for patients who have presbyopia.  Monovision can help you achieve good, functional vision for distance and near.  It is not perfect vision however. Patients who require the sharpest corrected vision possible for distance or near may not be the best candidates. Furthermore, monovision may decrease depth perception, which could affect athletic or job performance.  The best way to determine if monovision might work for you is to ask your General Vision Services optometrist at a location convenient to your home or workplace.

“Call 1-800 VISION-1 for a General Vision Service location near you.”

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November 23, 2010

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