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The Eye Opener – Dilation & Routine Eye Examinations



This is a question that is asked often by patients when they go for a routine eye examination and the doctor recommends that he or she dilate the pupil. Pupil dilation is extremely important because it allows the optometrist to look into the back of the eye. The reason should always be explained to the patient before dilation is performed.  We often hear a patient complain that he didn’t want or ask for his eyes to be dilated, but rather just wanted refraction for eyeglasses. “ There are so many reasons that the doctor will dilate however explaining that this procedure enables the optometrist to early detect health problems such as hypertension, glaucoma and cataracts very early will alleviate confusion on the part of the patient,” says Diane Bowin, Director of Provider Relations for GVS. Patients with any eye diseases or other physiological diseases such as diabetes need to have these exams often.  Making patients aware of all the reasons for dilation during a routine eye examination will help foster confidence and trust with the patient as well as general good health.

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July 14, 2010

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