Teamsters Stand With UPS Pilots

October 27, 2015
By Bob Levine, LaborPress USA

Louisville, Ky. — In an unqualified show of support, James Hoffa, General President and Ken Hall, General Secretary-Treasurer of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, pledged to the Independent Pilots Association that "if a strike is necessary, we will not cross your lines, but will stand with you on them.

"This commitment from Hoffa and Hall came in a letter to IPA President, Captain Robert Travis. "The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 250,000 workers at United Parcel Service," said Captain Travis.  "This unflinching support from the Teamsters on the eve of our strike vote is exactly what UPS needs to see – we all stand together in support of a new pilot contract."In their letter, Hoffa and Hall also said, "UPS has continued to stall and drag its feet in completing an agreement with you and your hardworking members.

Four years to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement is simply unacceptable," and that, "the Teamsters Union will stand with you in whatever decisions your members make."Mutual support between the IBT and the IPA during contract negotiations with UPS runs deep.  "The Teamsters have not forgotten the solidarity that your members showed us in 1997, when not one single IPA member crossed our picket lines," said Hoffa and Hall in reference to the IBT's landmark 16-day strike of UPS.

October 25, 2015

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