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Teamsters: Security Guards Need Bargaining Rights

June19, 2016 
By Jerry Levine, LaborPress USA

San Francisco, CA – Teamsters Union pushed hard for the strengthening of bargaining rights for security rights and now the NLRB agrees.
The National Labor Relations Board's ruling in the case of Loomis Armored US, Inc., will ensure a union voice for security guards throughout the country.

The decision by the NLRB reverses a 32 year-old rule that allowed employers to revoke recognition of bargaining units that include security guards. The Board's decision does not have retroactive application, but will ensure protections for workers going forward by allowing security guards to obtain representation from 'mixed-guard' unions. The decision will also prevent employers from denying voluntary recognition whenever a unit's contract has expired.

"We are pleased with this ruling, which will restore union rights for unarmed security guards and prevent employers from withdrawing voluntary recognition when a contract expires," said Rome Aloise, International Vice President and President of Teamsters Joint Council 7.

The ruling resulted from a 2010 case brought by Teamsters Locals 439, 315, 853, 542 and 396 against Loomis, a cash handling company engaged in transporting checks, business documents and records throughout California. The Board found that the rule created "an unwarranted exception" for employers and held that Loomis violated the act when it withdrew recognition from the California Teamsters locals.

"We applaud the Board for siding with workers and upholding their right to union representation. This is a win for workers and the entire American labor movement," Aloise said.

*** Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million members.

June 19, 2016

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