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Teamsters Local 456 Rebuttal to Governor Cuomo’s ‘Concerns with Indian Point Nuclear Facility

April 12, 2016
By Bill Hohlfeld

Teamsters Local 456 President, Lou Picani

New York, NY – Editor’s Note: On March 31, LaborPress ran a statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding possible safety issues at the Indian Point Power Plant. Some readers felt as though the governor’s comments did not accurately represent the importance of keeping that plant on line. So, in response to Governor Cuomo's "Concerns With Indian Point Nuclear Facility," below is a statement from Louis Picani, president of Teamsters Local 456, which represents security staff at Indian Point Nuclear Facility.

Indian Point Nuclear Facility is an irreplaceable part of New York's energy infrastructure and the Hudson Valley economy.

Our members and other Indian Point workers have dedicated their lives to the safe operation of the plant. They would not have made their homes in this community if they were not 100-percent confident in its safety.

Indian Point is also critical to delivering fuel diversity and grid reliability to New York and Indian Point's carbon-free power will be an essential part of meeting our state's climate goals.

The facility employs 1,000 workers, and even more for refueling and maintenance. These are middle-class, union jobs that Hudson Valley families depend on.

Our members are proud of the work they do, powering New York homes and businesses and keeping this industry safe.

April 11, 2016

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