Target Violated Federal Labor Law, Workers’ Rights According to NLRB Decision

May 13, 2013

On April 26, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) overturned the results of a union election based on Target’s worker rights violations at their store in Valley Stream, N.Y. during the campaign last year. Additionally, the NLRB found that the company systematically violated the rights of workers nationwide by maintaining illegal work rules designed to keep workers from speaking out for change at work.

The UFCW released the following statement about the decision:

“For years, Target has broken the law to suppress its employees’ fundamental right of association. Those days of illegal worker intimidation and suppression are over. The right to stick together at work is a basic American value.

“In this case, despite Target’s legal maneuverings to avoid responsibility, the retailer has been held accountable for suppressing the rights of the Long Island workers and for the company’s nationwide policy to silence all their workers.

“This is not just an isolated instance and Target is not an isolated employer. Too often, major employers get away with systematically silencing millions of American workers from speaking out about their jobs. To stand against freedom of speech like Target did is not just wrong, it’s un-American.”



May 13, 2013

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