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Support Robert Jackson for Manhattan BP

February 8, 2013
By Larry Moskowitz

As you probably know, our brother, Robert Jackson is running for Manhattan Borough President. There is no need to go into Robert's long standing and ongoing commitment to labor, education and progressive issues in general. Just recently this ongoing work by him is reflected in his active support for the School Bus drivers of local 1181 and the fired CWA cable vision workers.

In appreciation of his long standing work a number of us are organizing an after work fundraising reception for Friday night March 1, on the west side of Manhattan 5:30-8PM.

We would like to invite you to join with many other activists to become a member of the host committee and to reach out to other friends you might know who would also like to be hosts.

There is no formal attendance or donation requirement for being listed although both would be appreciated.[ We would, however, ask you to forward the invitation widely to your lists and do whatever might be possible to produce donations [starting at $25] and attendance]   All "hosts" will be listed alphabetically with no organizational identification.

I can be reached at


February 8, 2013

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