Support IBT Local 808 and Woodlawn Cemetery Workers on January 17th

Support IBT Local 808 and Woodlawn Cemetery Workers on January 17th

By Neal Tepel
January 9, 2011

On October 28, 2011 the workers at Woodlawn Cemetery overwhelmingly chose to affiliate with Teamsters Local 808:  Ninety eight (98%) percent voted in favor of new representation.  Following certification by the National Labor Relation Board, the cemetery workers began to negotiate on a new collective bargaining agreement.

In the second session of bargaining Local 808 was notified that Woodlawn Cemetery management intended to enter into an arrangement with a landscaping company named Brickman Group, Ltd.  Brickman intended to use seasonal guest workers from Mexico withH2b visas.  These Mexican workers have no rights as they are bound to their sponsor. Should they find themselves being violated they are unable to seek work elsewhere because of their immigration status.

In the worst economic period in American history, highlighted by high unemployment Woodlawn Cemetery, a not for profit corporation believes it is in the best interest of the Bronx and indeed America to displace its homegrown workforce and replace them with what is essentially indentured workers from Mexico

Woodlawn Cemetery fired the workers that joined Local 808 for joining a union.  The members of Local 808 must be supported by labor organizations and communities across the country in their fight to save union jobs in the Bronx. Stand with the Woodlawn workers and Teamsters Local 808 in this struggle for justice on a day set aside to commemorate a warrior for justice, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Join this important rally and march being held on January 17, 2011, MLK’s Birthday. The protest will take place 10 AM. The location is at 233 Street and Webster Avenue. To confirm or for questions call Local 808 at 718-389-1900 or email Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer at Fitzverity@aol.com

January 10, 2011

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