Stop WalMart from Abusing Workers

Stop WalMart from Abusing Workers

November 16, 2012
LaborPress Washington DC Bureau

Just a month after strikes swept through Walmart stores in 12 states and weeks before the announced Black Friday Walmart strikes, Walmart retail workers and the warehouse workers that move Walmart's goods are already taking action.

Two weeks ago, Walmart workers in Northern California held a sit-in at one store and then walked off the job after a manager made racists comments in attempt to silence workers. Friday November 9th, workers in Texas went on strike and earlier this week in California followed their lead. November 14th the warehouse workers who move Walmart's goods went on strike. November 15th, store workers in Washington also went out in what is being called the first set of "viral strikes" given its potential to spread.

These courageous actions tell us that the Black Friday Walmart strikes and actions are going to be the biggest nationwide event Walmart has ever seen.

We want you to be part of it. Join us at a Walmart store near you on Black Friday. For more than a year, Walmart workers from around the country have been coming together to speak out for change. These workers have called on the company to address their concerns around low wages, unaffordable benefits, under-staffing, erratic scheduling and above all else the lack of respect in the workplace.

When Walmart workers spoke out for change, Walmart illegally retaliated against them and has tried to silence these brave workers.

It's important to stand with Walmart workers as they go on strike this Black Friday?

November 16, 2012

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