Statement from Co-Chairs Robert Jackson and Fernando Cabrera on Governor Cuomo’s decision to sign Taxi/Livery Reform Bill into Law

December 22, 2011
“Governor Cuomo’s agreement to sign the taxi/livery bill is a huge victory for the city, specifically the residents of Northern Manhattan, and the outer boroughs. The Black, Latino and Asian Caucus is very proud of having played a key role in leading the fight to get this bill passed and ultimately signed into law by Governor Cuomo. As the majority of the New York City Council, we have been clear about our position from the beginning and have consistently lent our support to the livery industry and communicated to our colleagues in the State legislature, including the Governor, that this is the right thing to do for the people of New York City. This legislation will finally address the needs and demand of the underserved communities in our collective districts.”

“Since the beginning we have maintained  that granting livery cab drivers in Northern Manhattan and the outer boroughs the right to legally pick up street hails and respond to calls is responsive the needs representative of our districts. Secondly, it will bring much needed revenue to our City. And last, but not least, it will acknowledge that the livery industry is part of the economic backbone of our community providing decades of service to our constituency.”

“We are grateful for the leadership, advocacy and collaborative efforts put forth by all involved in this process, including Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner David Yassky, Cira Angeles, and other community and legislative leaders. The Black, Latino and Asian Caucus looks forward to the $1 billion revenue that will significantly help preserve our city’s schools, social services, infrastructure and public safety.”

December 22, 2011

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