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Statement from Borough President Diaz – Re: The New York Times Endorsement of “Living Wage”

December 28, 2011

“This major endorsement shows that we have momentum on our side, and that more and more New Yorkers agree that the ‘Fair Wages for New Yorkers’ Act is good public policy. If a developer solicits heavy taxpayer subsidies then they must do better by their employees. This is our fundamental premise, and the Times explicitly endorses it,” said Borough President Diaz.

A recent Quinnipiac Poll showed that New Yorkers of all political leanings support a “living wage.” Voters polled by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said that the “Fair Wages for New Yorkers” Act, which is currently before the New York City Council, is a “good idea” by a wide margin of 74-19 percent.

The poll also found support strong for the bill across the political spectrum, with support for the bill among Republicans at 56-39 percent, among Democrats at 83-11 percent and among independents at 67-25 percent.

“Our coalition continues to grow, and we are grateful that the Times’ editorial board has seen fit to show their public support for this common sense legislation that would help thousands of New Yorkers take the first steps out of poverty. As the Times said in its endorsement, ‘this bill makes sense,’ and I look forward to seeing this bill passed by the City Council and signed into law,” said Borough President Diaz.

December 28, 2011

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