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State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli Statement on Executive Budget

January 20, 2012
Last year, Governor Cuomo and the Legislature took significant steps toward aligning recurring revenues with recurring spending. New York must continue its progress on that path during these volatile economic times and guard against any return to the past fiscal gimmicks that exacerbated the fiscal difficulties of recent years. It appears that the Governor’s proposed budget continues to build on this progress. My office will thoroughly review the Executive Budget and provide an analysis.

There is going to be considerable debate on the Governor’s pension proposal. Let’s remember that New York has one of the strongest pension funds in the country because it has been managed and funded responsibly over the years. It is the basis for retirement security for many New Yorkers.

There are tough decisions to be made. The process for making these choices should be open and transparent so those impacted are given the
opportunity to voice their opinions. New York’s taxpayers need and deserve a budget that provides a balanced spending plan and sets a responsible framework for the future.

January 19, 2012

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