Spokane Dairy Workers Win With Teamsters

June 5, 2013
By Diane Cohen

Spokane, Washington – Fred Makus, is a dairy delivery driver that worked for Darigold Products along with 30 other employees. When Darigold decided to contract the delivery of its products to Estenson Logistics, wages and benefits were reduced as well as worker jobs threatened.  The workers saw the light and reached out to the IBT Local 690 for assistance.  

“My Dad was a Teamster for 35 years, so I knew that we could have real benefits and a stable working environment,” said Fred Makus. The unit at Estenson voted to be represented by the Teamsters in the fall of 2011 and ratified their first contract late last year.

“The benefits we receive as Teamster members are the most important part of the contract for me,” said Kaui Pilimia, a 3-year delivery driver and proud member of Local 690. “Morale has improved here and the brotherhood at the company is stronger.”

June 5, 2013

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