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Speaking Out About Walmart

November 28, 2016 
By Cyndi Murray & Mary Watkines

OUR Walmart Board Members

Washington, DC – We are current workers and members of OUR Walmart’s board of directors. We know that Walmart won’t treat us fairly or with respect unless we speak out in ever increasing numbers.

That’s why this year for the build up to Black Friday, we helped develop an audacious plan – to reach out and engage as many Walmart workers as possible, connect them to our network using new technology, and grow our movement.  And we’re doing it.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteers and small donors, we were able to reach people working at Walmart in over 1,000 stores with our new WorkIt app –putting the knowledge of their rights at work in the palm of their hands.  WorkIt not only helps our coworkers answer questions and understand their rights, it also connects them to the community of care and support that is OUR Walmart.

We had worker and supporter-led “caravans” throughout the U.S. where we visited multiple Walmart’s on one day and helped connect workers to the new app.  We succeeded in getting WorkIt into workers hands despite Walmart’s smear campaign against the app. In fact, the movement for workers is so strong that Walmart actually had to “roll back” their attempts to smear our efforts due to blowback from the press.

One caravanner was Joanna Chambers, a mother, and an OUR Walmart member from Amory, Miss. She traveled to Walmart stores in Mobile, Ala. to tell other Walmart associates about WorkIt and OUR Walmart.  Joanna has also become a WorkIt expert, logging on each day to help her co-workers with problems:  “being unable to access policy online when you are at work makes difficult to know when you are breaking policy — or understand how managers are using policies against you,” she said.

November 29, 2016

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