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Son Left Dad’s Body In Morgue and Stole His Retirement Payments

November 24, 2015
By Tara Jessup

Albany, NY – Christopher Bunn of Queens concealed his father’s death to collect his retirement benefits. Bunn left his father in the Nassau County morgue for more than a year while pocketing $7,542 in pension payments and $17,790 in social security payments.

“This case is a warning to anyone attempting to steal state pension funds,” DiNapoli said. “We are tracking you and you will be prosecuted.”Bunn, 49, was sentenced to time served and full restitution. He pleaded guilty in October to grand larceny. Bunn’s case is the latest in a series of investigations by DiNapoli’s office leading to more than a dozen criminal convictions and restitutions of $1 million. 

November 24, 2015

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