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Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Under Persistent and increasing Attacks

August 6, 2020

By John Hyland, COMRO President Emeritus and Professional Staff Congress Retiree

We must not forget the persistent and increasing attacks on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the foundations of a decent life for Retirees, seniors and ultimately all generations.  This is difficult in the midst of, and while addressing multiple social and personal crises (Covid-19 pandemic, protests and movements for racial justice, failing economy, and ongoing, increasing effects of climate change).

The Trump/Republican regime is relentless in preparing and pushing policies and laws that diminish, privatize, and/or eliminate the programs that promote our health and economic security. Disguised under the rhetoric as efforts to reform and keep solvent, they are budgeting in ways that weaken our programs that we have worked and fought for.

We need to be wide awake, fired up, and active in our Labor organizations to fight these attacks by keeping Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid central to our political agenda. The Democratic Party also needs to feel our strong hands on its back so they make no compromises with our lives.

I recommend working collectively through our Labor and other organizations that focus on our issues. 1) Contact your own union’s retiree chapter – many are already working on these issues. 2) Contact the Alliance For Retired Americans, the national organization of the AFL-CIO dedicated to the well-being of retirees. It has state (NYS ARA) and local (NYC ARA) affiliates. 3) Social Security Works is a research and advocacy organization  which promotes an improved Social Security system. 4) National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is an advocacy group in Washington.

We have four months until the November election. Act. Participate. Now.

The Council of Municipal Retiree Organizations’ primary purpose is  the advancement of the common interests of present and future retirees of agencies of the City of New York. These interests include the protection and enhancements of pensions and health benefits and federal , state or municipal policies or budgets that will impact retirees including cuts to the social safety net.  

August 6, 2020

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