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Sobeys Begins Illegal Lockout

February 2, 2018

By Jerry Levine, LaborPress Canada

NEW WESTMINSTER, Canada – Sobeys has begun an illegal lockout of more than 600 Safeway workers. The complaint was  filed by UFCW 1518. The complaint comes in the wake of Sobeys’ announcement that it will close 10 Safeway stores across the lower mainland. Sobeys further stated that it would consider re-opening five of those locations if the company received an “appropriate” collective agreement for FreshCo, its discount banner from Ontario.
UFCW 1518 President Ivan Limpright said the timing of the announcement coupled with the carrot-and-stick nature of the FreshCo news and the fact that the pharmacies at the five locations earmarked for FreshCo will remain open provide grounds for the illegal lockout complaint.

“Look, we’re about to begin negotiations with the company. And Sobeys picks this moment to announce 10 store closures? The company’s message is clear: it will re-open at least five of those stores only if the union and our members accept a substandard agreement,” said President Limpright.

“That constitutes an illegal lockout. It’s a threat intended to intimidate our members, weaken the union’s position and further Sobeys own cause at the bargaining table,” President Limpright added.

The British Columbia  Labour Relations Code defines an illegal lockout as “closing a place of work, a suspension of work or a refusal by an employer to continue to employ a number of…employees in order to compel the employees to agree to conditions of employment.”

“It’s one thing to close because of financial underperformance – that’s any company’s right. But this illegal lockout is a bold and callous move to strip our members of their employment and their rights under a legally negotiated collective agreement – that’s shameful.”

Sobeys handed termination letters to 660 UFCW 1518 members on January 23 following the store closure announcement.

“This is devastating for our members. Absolutely devastating,” President Limpright said. “We’re ready to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract and Sobeys is playing with our members’ lives. We don’t agree that a discount banner requires a discount collective agreement.”

February 2, 2018

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