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Labor Press offers four levels of service to labor unions and advocacy organizations

IMPROVING INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: The first level includes internal communications including your website, publications, direct email communications and polling of your membership.  Any Union or advocacy organization that has a website is in the media business, and should recognize that fact.  Visitors to your website will expect a full range of content.  Most importantly stories must be fresh and content must be regularly updated. If a website is maintained only as a bulletin board for information, visitors will become tired and will tune it out.  Labor Press builds websites with this in mind including Newsfeeds, Advertisements, Video & Audio, with Uploads of New and Exciting content. As a complement to your website, we will assist in obtaining email addresses for all of your members via internal mailings; setting up targeted lists; as well as preparing a Professional Quality Newsletter which appears on a consistent basis.  Your print newsletter should also appear on the Internet this will enable your members to have immediate access to the print version electronically. 

PREPARATION FOR LOBBYING: The second level is preparation for legislative action.  An essential component of every labor and advocacy organization is the planning of a comprehensive legislative program.  Labor Press will help you to link political action with public relations and press communications.  We will work with you to prepare a written legislative agenda and regularly disseminate information to community organizations, public officials, as well as media sources.  Labor Press will monitor legislation regularly and update union officials. Not the same as lobbying, this includes the creation of persuasive materials so that legislators clearly understand your objectives as an organization and why they are vital.

EVENTS PLANNING: The third level is events planning. We can coordinate media events, including press conferences and tours.  Positive news helps an organization gain power, which leads to greater influence in contract negotiations for your agenda when seeking legislation that is beneficial to your members.

NEWS SERVICE: We're a news service with an online “outlet”; this means that we send interesting and exciting items concerning labor issues throughout New York City.  We retain an immense list of news organizations, policy makers, as well as union organizations; thus enabling many organizations a “link” into the Labor world.  

Straight Talk About Union Publications

Interested? Just email Neal Tepel: neal@tepel.org, and we'll sit down and talk about what is best for your organization. 

January 15, 2009

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