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Senate Votes to Overturn Limits on Labor-Law Violators

March 12, 2017 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Washington, DC – The Senate voted Mar. 6 to invoke a law that would let President Donald Trump cancel former President Barack Obama’s executive order requiring companies bidding on government contracts to disclose labor-law violations—such as wage theft, discrimination, or unsafe conditions—they’ve had within the last three years.

The vote was 49-48 to invoke the Congressional Review Act, which allows the House and Senate to overturn federal agencies’ rules and regulations established within the last 60 legislative working days. Trump is expected to end the regulation, which was delayed from going into effect by a federal judge last October. The Associated Builders and Contractors, a construction-industry trade group, had filed a lawsuit to stop it, arguing that it amounted to “blacklisting” employers and could require them to reveal unproven allegations. Obama administration officials had said the rules would affect only companies with the most serious and chronic histories of violations. Read more

March 13, 2017

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