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Senate GOP Revives Bill to Hamstring Union Organizing

August 3, 2015
By Steve Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Claiming it would help prevent workers from being forced into union membership, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on July 27 introduced a bill called the Employee Rights Act, which would make it more difficult for workers to establish unions and easier to disband them. "This doesn't outlaw unions or make it more difficult to join one," said House cosponsor Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.). 

Well, actually, it would. It would prohibit employers from recognizing unions via card check, require that unions win a majority of all employees—not just those who cast ballots in unionization elections—to gain recognition, and automatically disband unions once workplace turnover exceeds 50%, unless employees vote to keep the union. "The Employee Rights Act is the modern version of Taft-Hartley, a great advancement in rooting out union corruption and protecting workers’ rights," Vincent Vernuccio of the Mackinac Center, an anti-union policy and propaganda shop based in Michigan, told the Washington Examiner. Read More


August 3, 2015

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