SEIU Exposes McDonald’s Tax Dodging

December 8, 2015
John Quinn, LaborPress USA

Washington DC – McDonald’s efforts to dodge taxes in Europe are now under a formal investigation by the European Commission – the same watchdog probing major multinational corporations like Apple, Google, and Amazon – following allegations raised by the Service Employees International Union and global allies that the fast-food giant has avoided more than one billion euros in taxes since 2009.

The investigation places McDonald’s under scrutiny once again over how it treats workers, taxpayers, and communities where it operates.
This is one step in sending a message and holding [McDonald’s] accountable,” Scott Courtney, organizing director of SEIU, told the New York Times. “If things like this are in the public eye, it helps hold them accountable on wages and their treatment of workers.

News of the E.U. crackdown on McDonald’s echoed around the world, including in Brazil, where McDonald’s also stands accused of widespread tax avoidance. In August, one of Brazil’s most powerful unions, the General Workers’ Union (UGT), filed a complaint petitioning Brazil’s public prosecution service to open a civil inquiry into allegations of tax dodging, unfair competition, and violations of franchise laws by McDonald’s agent in Brazil, Arcos Dorados.

December 7, 2015

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