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SEIU 775 Benefits Group to Work with MagnaCare’s New & expanded Technology-Powered Trust and Welfare Administration Services

November 13, 2020

By Silver Krieger

SEIU 775 Benefits Group is partnering with MagnaCare.

New York, NY – MagnaCare, a third party administrator with deep expertise supporting Taft-Hartley trusts, announced on Wednesday, November 11, that Seattle-based SEIU 775 Benefits Group has chosen MagnaCare’s new and expanded Trust and Welfare Administration Services to enable contribution accounting, financial administration, employee hours administration, enrollment and eligibility determination, and COBRA administration.

SEIU 775 Benefits Group will partner with MagnaCare to support its Health Benefits Trust, offering high-value, high-impact health benefits to more than 53,000 caregivers in Washington State and Montana.

For nearly three decades, New York-based MagnaCare has been building healthy communities together with Taft-Hartley trusts, TPAs, carriers, and workers’ compensation and no-fault payors. Its wholly owned networks, full health plan management services, trust and welfare administration services, comprehensive in-house medical management, and leading outcomes-based casualty solutions offer the ultimate flexibility and customization that help self-insured customers control health care costs, improve health, and achieve exceptional value. MagnaCare is a division of Brighton Health Plan Solutions, LLC.

MagnaCare President of Labor and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Michelle Zettergren

MagnaCare President of Labor and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Michelle Zettergren, said, “We are providing expanded and enhanced functionality to improve SEIU 775 caregivers’ user experience. For example, eligibility determination and enrollment are much more automated through our state-of-the-art technology platform, ensuring greater accuracy and timeliness when caregivers are signing up for benefits. We will also be giving caregivers multiple ways to make their monthly payments including the option to use PayPal, if they prefer. Overall, caregivers will notice online tools that are easier to use, with better functionality than was previously available. MagnaCare has always had strong reputation as a reliable and responsive partner for self-insured health plan administrators. Over the past several years, we have been heavily investing in our innovative technology platform to power the additional services that our clients expect from us,” she added. “We are proud to launch our new and expanded Trust and Welfare Administration Services nationally, designed in partnership with SEIU 775 Benefits Group. MagnaCare looks forward to continue to grow and innovate to serve even more Taft-Hartley trusts across the country.”

“We were looking for an innovator in benefits administration, with creative solutions, who will partner with us to help our Health Benefits Trust better serve our caregivers,” said Laura Reding, Managing Director of SEIU 775 Benefits Group Health Benefits Trust.  “MagnaCare’s deep knowledge of healthcare combined with its agile technology platform makes them the perfect partner to help us administer the Health Benefits Trust and support the health of frontline, essential caregivers.” 

Learn more at MagnaCare.com. 

November 13, 2020

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