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See you Later

March 28, 2016
By Ali Rasoulinejad 

New York, NY – After two-plus years at the Council it is now my turn to officially deliver a “see you later”.  On Monday  March 28th, I take the next step in my career, moving to the Department of Transportation to serve as Assistant Director of Government Affairs.

This period at Council has been an incredible time, filled with personal and professional growth and while I have many to thank for such a blessing, let me start with two notables:

Council Member Miller, who took a gamble hiring me in December 2013 and taught me many things, but perhaps none more than the value of patience. Thank you, CM, for bringing me on this voyage – and Joseph Goldbloom, who personifies dedication to public service and who, through thoughtfulness and decency, continues to shatter the more cynical perceptions of our government. Thank you, Joe, for your guidance and friendship.

Let me also thank the hard working public servants who have enriched my life as they have so many others: past and present members of Team Miller, council members, office and caucus staffers, folks in Administrative Services, Communications, Community Engagement, Finance, E&C Development, the GC’s office, IT, Land Use, Legislative, Legislative Documents, Policy, Tech, the Sergeants, Speaker’s office, State & Fed, Softball, and the crew at 250 Broadway – it’s been such a pleasure working with and getting to know you! A shout out also to our public and private sector colleagues, members of the fourth estate, and a special nod to our brothers and sisters in the labor movement, all who make every day at City Hall both exciting and rewarding.

Thanks for everything! It’s been a delight!

March 27, 2016

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