Voting Rights Must Be Protected

February 12, 2017 
By NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Washington, DC - The Senate has confirmed Jeff Sessions as the next U.S. Attorney General – someone who once called the Voting Rights Act "intrusive legislation" and tried unsuccessfully to prosecute civil rights activists on bogus charges of "voter fraud," when all they did was register more citizens to vote.

We are at a turbulent time in America's democracy, which means New York needs to become a national leader in protecting and expanding voting rights. That's why I introduced a bill to overhaul New York's voting system. This legislation would establish early voting, automatic and same-day voting registration, shortened party registration deadlines, and more. The right to vote is the most essential right we have as Americans. It is the right that enables us to protect all of our other rights.

There are states all over the country that are passing voter suppression laws to make it more difficult for people to register and vote. Democracy itself is under attack. It is up to us in New York to take up the challenge and lead the way in pushing back against these anti-democratic efforts. We must make it easier for people to register to vote and make the voting process more efficient and inclusive. We can do this by passing the New York Votes Act.


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