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A Bush/Clinton Presidential Contest ?

April 23, 2014
By John Zogby

There is plenty of speculation today about another Bush/Clinton presidential contest in 2016 - of course meaning Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton. That is, of course, legitimate news. Hillary has lived her entire life preparing for this moment and Jeb was the one from his generation anointed by his elders to run, only to be denied the prize by his interloping big brother.

Legislation Passed Protecting Interns From Workplace Discrimination

April 22, 2014
By Stephanie West

New York, NY — Mayor de Blasio has signed legislation to protect interns from discrimination in the workplace. New York City is one of the first municipalities in the nation to pass a law specifically prohibiting discrimination against paid and unpaid interns.

Obama Has Few Options With Russia

April 22, 2014
By John Zogby

Pollster John Zogby reports in his weekly White House report card that President Obama has a real problem on his hands: a lack of options in dealing with issues like Russia, immigration, Syria and the Middle East.

Williams Remembers Basil Paterson

April 18, 2014
Brooklyn, NY - Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn), Deputy Leader, released the following statement upon the transition of Basil Paterson, former New York State Secretary of State, New York City Deputy Mayor, and father of former Governor David A. Paterson.

Legislation Bans Solitary Confinement for Adolescents

April 16, 2014
By Stephanie. West

Albany, NY - Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell has introduced A9268, which would ban solitary confinement for New York State inmates under the age of 21. "A9268 would provide long-overdue protection to one of our state’s most vulnerable populations—adolescents under 21 who have been tried and sentenced as adults.

The Teamster Who Would Be Governor of NY State

April 15, 2014
By Joe Maniscalco

Green Party candidate for governor Howie Hawkins.

Brooklyn, NY - Howie Hawkins is a Teamster with Local 317, and for about the past 15 years he’s loaded packages for UPS on the night shift in Syracuse. He’s also the Green Party candidate for governor who believes that big money has captured both major political parties, and that working men and women need to start “running their own people” in elections.

Governor Cuomo Has Decapitated Mayor de Blasio, Critics Say

April 14, 2014

By Joe ManiscalcoPublic school advocates rally this week.

New York, NY - Whether cutting him off at the knees or downright beheading him - opponents of charter school expansion say that Governor Andrew Cuomo has effectively boxed out progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio and set the stage for “academic apartheid in New York City.”

Political Firing in Brooklyn DA Office

April 11, 2014
By Stephanie West Special to LaborPress

Brooklyn, NY - In response to a recent story in the NY Post which stated that the firing of Brooklyn DA Detective Investigator Andrew Vecchione as political payback, based on the fact that Andrew’s father was a colleague of Joe Hynes, Detective Investigator’s Association President John Fleming stated that, “If this is true and we believe it is, than Ken Thompson has set a most dangerous precedent which will cast doubt on the impartiality of his office in general, and the use of his detectives in particular.

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