Federal Homeland Security Grants For NYS

March 8, 2017 
By Stephanie West

New York, NY -  State has allocated over $5 million in federal Homeland Security grant funding for local governments across the state to bolster counter terrorism initiatives and strengthen public safety efforts.

Funding will support local law enforcement tactical teams, technical search and rescue operations, and explosive detection canine units, while also safeguarding critical infrastructure across New York.

"This funding is essential to ensuring New York's local law enforcement and emergency response teams are prepared, trained and equipped with the tools and experience needed to protect this state,"Governor Cuomo said. "These grants support state-of-the-art training and defense tactics and I commend New York's Congressional delegation for their partnership in securing this funding to help keep New Yorkers safe."

The funding, administered by the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, will support key areas of proactive defense. The State is allocating $2.97 million in funding to 30 organizations to focus on sustaining, maintaining, and improving teams that are currently in action. Funding aims to enhance existing capabilities, specifically for improvised explosive device or counter terrorism missions.

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner John Melville said, "Providing local governments with the funds necessary to support the public safety of the communities they serve is essential to keeping our residents, and those who visit our state, safe. These programs allow our first responders to enhance their abilities to protect life and property."


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