Health and Safety

Another death from 9-11-related cancers: Retired Firefighter Roy E. Smith 

April 6, 2017 
By UFA President James Slevin

New York, NY - “This week we mourn the death of one of New York City’s bravest firefighters. On Sunday, we lost one of our brothers due to the ravages of cancer caused by his service at the World Trade Center site following the 9-11 attacks.

Understaffed Nursing Home’s Workers OK One-Day Strike

April 6, 2017 
By Steven Wishnia

Union City NJ - “¿Huelga, verdad?” 1199SEIU organizer Leilani Montes asked the crowd of about 20 women outside the ManhattanView Nursing Home April 4. “Un dia sin pago.”

Statement From Governor Andrew M, Cuomo Re Budget

April 5, 2017

New York, NY - “These are difficult and unusual times for our State and Country.  An ultraconservative Congress poses an unsettling attack on individuals’ rights and American values.  It is also clear that New York State is a target for hostile federal actions ranging from severe financial cutbacks to deprivation of legal and personal rights.

SEIU’s Henry: Power of  Communities Defeats Healthcare Repeal

April 3, 2017 
By SEIU President Mary Kay Henry

Washington, DC - Extremists have tried time and again to take away our healthcare but working families and our communities have come out in record numbers to show our opposition to repeal. Today, working people and our communities prevailed.

How Clinical Oncology is Revolutionizing Oncological Care

April 2, 2017 
By Ariana Colozzo

According to a survey by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, a global insurance brokerage and risk management services firm, as many as 54% of the 3,000 U.S. employers polled are paying at least 5 percent more for employee medical insurance this year—with nearly a quarter of companies paying at least 10 percent more. And these employers, as well as many other organizations, can no longer afford the trial-and-error method of treating cancer cases.

Protecting Healthcare Essential

March 31, 2017  
By NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York, NY - “The American Health Care Act as drafted by the Republican Congress and amended by Representatives Collins and Faso will devastate the New York Healthcare system.

AFSCME Workers Protest Minneapolis Medical Center Layoffs

March 26, 2017 
By Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review


Minneapolis, MN -  AFSCME  members and supporters marched outside Hennepin County Medical Center Friday, March 17th protesting the layoff of 131 workers as HCMC claims to face “financial challenge.”

Boston Hospital Workers Vote to Join 1199

March 26, 2017 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Boston, MA - The 500 support workers at Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital voted Mar. 22 to join the 1199SEIU health-care union.

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