GOP Priority : Create Millions of Jobs Or Cut Healthcare For Millions Of People?

March 9, 2017 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News 

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Washington, DC - If you were sitting in Congress would you act first to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that could create millions of jobs or focus instead on taking healthcare away from millions of people? Republicans are choosing to take away your healthcare instead of creating the infrastructure jobs.

Families USA says the House GOP repeal of the Affordable Care Act would replace it by slashing coverage and rationing care for millions of people.

Republicans want to reduce Obamacare subsidies that have helped millions afford healthcare. The GOP also wants to end the Medicaid expansion that brought healthcare coverage to millions more people least able to afford it.

Families USA also says the Republic plan to destroy the Affordable Care Act would substantially raise consumer costs.

So millions of Americans will have worse coverage or lose their coverage while paying more for it.

It virtually wipes out Medicaid as it currently exists replacing it with per person spending caps, a shredding of the social safety net according to Families USA. Republicans are prioritizing slashing health care for millions of people over passing a trillion dollar infrastructure bill that could create millions of jobs.

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