The Public Ought To Know

June 25, 2015
By Corey Bearak

Bus Routing To Spur Jobs

Previous commentaries devoted to bus service including a greater need to plan, still left uncovered the useful opportunity to make it easy for tourists who “prefer” hotels in midtown and lower Manhattan to travel directly to attractions outside the City's “inner borough.” 

So why not move beyond the unique issues faced by bus operators everyday, select bus service, and Flushing's need for a downtown bus terminal; instead, attend to the buses that speed commuter to jobs in midtown and downtown during the morning rush and home each evening rush.  Might opportunities exist to deploy some of these buses to transport tourists and other to many of the fine attractions located outside Manhattan yet enable the buses to maintain their commuter destinations.

I recalled this strategy during a chat with an attorney colleague following one early morning meeting.  I mentioned my commentary here proposing development over the array of Flushing/ Corona MTA LIRR, subway and bus facilities nestled between Citifield, Willets Point and Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  I then mentioned a commentary in my recent ebook, The Public Ought To Know – aka the inspiration for these current Labor Press commentaries, that used the example of buses returning from Manhattan express runs delivering tourists to the New York Hall of Science, the Queens Museum and Queens Theatre In The Park.  Why not revisit that idea today?  Not just for Queens (and not solely one of my fave parks in my home borough) but for attractions in Staten Island, Brooklyn and The Bronx.  

It introduces economic activity, likely spurs more work (not just for the bus operators) and importantly uses a resource not fully tapped to improve transit service.

So transit planners, tourism advocates, economic development staffers, public officials, concerned members of the public, why not add to the conversation.

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