You Made it Union!

By Adam Witkowski
Allegro, March 2013

Reprinted in LaborPress March 21, 2013Allegro

Musicians backing up Josh Groban win contract and benefits, thanks to an anonymous tip. Have you ever gone into a job that you assume to be union, only to find out at the last minute that there is no contract? That is exactly the situation members of Local 802 and Local 47 found themselves in when they entered the Allen Room to begin a rehearsal for a Josh Groban concert on Feb. 4.

Local 802 Membership Supports the ERF!

January 29, 2013
By Andrew Schwartz, Fundraising Coordinator

The Local 802 Musicians' Emergency Relief Fund is in the midst of a Winter fundraising drive. For the many have shown their support we say, "Thank you for caring!"

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