Buffalo Teachers Federation President ‘Blasts’ State Senator Jacobs’…

April 7, 2017  
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell    

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Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) President Phil Rumore is blasting Republican New York State Senator Chris Jacobs’ attack on the Buffalo School District and the City Teachers contract, saying: “Senator Jacobs, an ‘anti-public school, anti-Teacher, pro-charter school advocate, has again shown his contempt’ for our schools and Teachers.”

In October 2016, and after 12 years of fighting for a new contract - ending what the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) said was the longest contract stalemate in the history of Public-Sector Collective Bargaining in New York State, the BTF negotiated a new three-year agreement with the Buffalo School District that called for its 3,600-plus Membership to receive a 10% raise in 2016, as well as a one-time, back pay bonus of between $2,000 and $9,000 each.

Rumore told he was responding to comments made by Jacobs in an article published over the weekend in The Buffalo News, which he said Jacobs told the newspaper that New York State “shouldn’t be funding the City of Buffalo for a Teachers’ Contract that it can’t afford.”

“To use (Teachers) as an ‘excuse’ not to fund (the contract), ‘it’s sick,’” Rumore said. “It’s an ‘attack’ on a contract for ‘dedicated’ Teachers ‘who work under some of the most difficult conditions,’ who were ‘twenty thousand dollars behind’ their colleagues and who had been ‘stone-walled for twelve years.’  It shows Senator Jacobs ‘contempt’ for Buffalo’s Teachers.  (Jacobs) ‘turns his back’ on our Teachers and students while ‘refusing to acknowledge the outstanding progress we are making, despite severe underfunding’ from New York State ‘in violation’ of its constitution.”


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