Shrinking Investments at CUNY Continues

January 31, 2017  
By Neal Tepel

New York, NY - Testifying at a budget hearing in Albany Tuesday January 24th, Professional Staff Congress President Barbara Bowen urged the State Legislature to end years of shrinking investments in CUNY and its 500,000 students by setting the University on a path to full funding, adding $300 this year.

"CUNY remains radically, disastrously underfunded. The University has endured a steady decline in State funding that threatens the quality of education. But solving that problem is within New York's reach. Higher education has never been as prominent a national issue as it is this year; this is the year for New York to turn the pattern of underfunding around. Start by making a $300 million investment in CUNY quality," Bowen testified.

The most comprehensive study to date of college students' economic mobility shows that CUNY leads the nation in moving students out of poverty and into the middle class and beyond. But State disinvestment has put CUNY's extraordinary work at risk. From 2008 to 2015, per-student funding from the State fell 17% for CUNY's senior colleges, when adjusted for inflation.


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