One Pair At A Time: GVS Delivers On Global Vision

June 1, 2017
By Peter Murdock 

Enjoying the gift of good vision!

New York, NY – General Vision Services (GVS), a leader in the vision benefits industry, partnered with non-profit RestoringVision this year to provide glasses to people worldwide. The charity initiative hopes to bring more vision care to those in need, while also passing the goodwill along to GVS members. 

The partnership is unique in that GVS members play an integral role in the donations by utilizing their yearly vision benefits. They have an opportunity to experience the fulfillment of giving back in the same way that GVS employees enjoy servicing their unions. The process is simple. Each time a member receives service at a GVS provider location, a donation is made at no extra cost to the member. 

GVS President Myles Lewis explains, “It’s great, because members using their benefits with us also gain an opportunity to give back to the community. As a result, we’ve gotten tremendous feedback from everybody. We’ve actually named the RestoringVision program ‘See Well, Do Good,” because when our members use our vision benefits, they are also ‘doing good’ for others.” 

The donations have the added benefit of creating opportunities for the families of their recipients as well, making the partnership that much more impactful. Lewis says, “There are situations where children cannot attend school because they need to stay home to act as eyes and ears for their grandparents. Receiving glasses and regaining sight allows for independence and empowers those children to get an education.” 

“It really goes beyond just bettering the lives of those who need glasses, because it also positively affects the people around them,” adds Lewis. “The lasting effects of non- profits like RestoringVision are immense, and we’re truly proud to be a part of that. There are so many people in need of vision correction around the world, and these donations are life changing for them. It gives people the opportunity to become the productive members of society that they want to be. We get a lot of stories about this from within the US and abroad.” 

The partnership offers the perfect opportunity for GVS to reach as many people as possible. To date, RestoringVision’s network has dispensed nearly 7 million pairs of glasses to 116 different countries, and GVS is proud to have contributed their part in helping the world see better. As studies continue to show the correlation between vision improvements and increased productivity, initiatives like “See Well, Do Good” will continue to gain support throughout the vision industry. 



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