A Report: “To Help Ease The Pain,”…

March 2, 2017  
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell  
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Philadelphia, PA - In the wake of more than 100 headstones toppled over at a Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia, which authorities say is the latest in a wave of anti-Semitic incidents across the country in recent weeks, Union Workers represented by the Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council will donate their time on Saturday (March 4th) to help reset the toppled tombstones and re-sod the damaged gravesites.

The response from Organized Labor came from Building Trades President John Dougherty, who also serves as Business Manager for International Brotherhood of Electricians (IBEW) Local 98, whose Membership has offered to install new lighting and security cameras – at no cost – “to hopefully prevent this type of thing from ever happening again.”

"The desecration of Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia this past weekend was reprehensible,” Dougherty (pictured below) said in a released statement.  “This type of anti-Semitic hate crime cannot be tolerated.  To ease the pain of the families affected by this atrocity, the Philadelphia Building Trades has offered to reset the hundreds of toppled tombstones, re-sod damaged gravesites and help clean up the cemetery at no cost.  In addition, IBEW Local 98 has offered to install new lighting and new security cameras at no cost to hopefully prevent this type of thing from ever happening again."

Police are trying to identify the vandals who knocked over or damaged the headstones at Mt. Carmel Cemetery as the nation continues to grapple with the latest anti-Semitic incident, which coincides with a number of bomb threats that forced the evacuations of Jewish Community Centers in New York State - including Buffalo, Tarrytown, New Rochelle, Plainview and the New York City borough of Staten Island - as well as in 10 other States.  Similar vandalism was also discovered at a Jewish Cemetery in Missouri.

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