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Say Hello to the MagnaCare team at the IFEBP 64th Annual Conference

September 27, 2018

By Michelle Zettergren

If you’re attending the IFEBP 64th Annual Employee Benefits Conference in New Orleans this October, come by the MagnaCare booth #609-611 and say hello to your friends from MagnaCare and meet our newest sales team member, Tom Malczewski.

Tom grew up in a blue collar community in Buffalo, New York, steeped in the world of Labor, with family in the local Teamsters and IBEW unions. From the age of 12, his father worked in a small hardware store, which he bought six years later at the age of 18 and he still works there today.

Tom and his brothers grew up working in their dad’s store where they learned to repair engines, cut pipe, and fix windows. He learned to respect the people who do the hard work that’s so vital to every community.

Tom planned to enter the police force when he graduated college but there was a hiring freeze and instead he took a job in health care beginning his career. When he saw an opportunity to work at New York-based MagnaCare he went for it, drawn to MagnaCare’s brand recognition, ties to Labor, and strong support of the Labor community.

Tom is looking forward to working with Labor leadership looking for competitive health plan solutions that deliver high-quality care and personalized member service. At the IFEBP conference, he would love to speak with you about how our health plan services can save your Fund money while improving care for your members.

If you already have MagnaCare, stop by and say hello to your friends Mike, Lavender, Joe, Jenn, Steve, and myself – We look forward to seeing you at the IFEBP on October 14-17 in the Big Easy!

MagnaCare is a leading PPO in the New York tri-state area that is proud to have been providing health plans to the Labor community for more than 25 years. Learn about MagnaCare at www.magnacare.com or email us at info@magnacare.com.


September 27, 2018

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