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Safety Before Profits

May 2, 2017
By Jerry Cohen

Vancouver, Canada – B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits and its members have launched an online campaign to tell Kinder Morgan to keep its promise to British Columbians to put safety before profits.

In response to a growing community of British Columbians who are concerned about Kinder Morgan’s level of commitment to safety, rigorous training for their workers, and upholding B.C.’s Five Conditions, the B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits was formed in April 2017.

B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits spokesperson Patrick Campbell says, “By refusing to partner with the most experienced and highly skilled unionized workers Kinder Morgan is putting profits before safety. With British Columbia’s most skilled workforce on the sideline how can Kinder Morgan uphold all of B.C.’s Five Conditions? Simply put, they can’t.”

“Our collective workforce built the first TransMountain Project without incident, still operating safely today. Pipelines built with experienced Canadian union workers are safer than those built by other sources of labour,” says Campbell. “These jobs were promised to the people of B.C., and that should mean something. British Columbians demand that Kinder Morgan puts safety before its own profits.”

May 2, 2017

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