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Rover Pipeline Providing Jobs and Energy to Midwest

November 11, 2014
By Neal Tepel

Lansing, Michigan – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has announcement setting public hearings for the 800-mile Rover natural gas pipeline. Many believe this could be an essential source of  future energy for Michigan and surrounding states. The project will generate thousands of jobs throughout the U.S. particularly in Michigan.

"We're eager to put our skills and training to work to safely build Michigan's energy future," said Geno Alessandrini, Business Manager for the Michigan Laborers' District Council, which represents more than 12,000 working men and women in the state. "The Rover pipeline can be a lifeline to good union jobs with family-supporting pay. These jobs are a ladder to the middle class."

The pipeline will transport natural gas from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to communities in Michigan and the Midwest.
The project could put as many as 14,000 men and women to work in construction careers and is estimated to generate as much as $50 million in  property and sales tax revenue benefiting several states and the federal government.

"Americans would rather buy fuel that's made in America than from parts of the world that want to destroy America," Alessandrini said.

An abundant, affordable supply of energy is critical for  the economy of our nation. Natural gas could be key to lowering carbon emissions,  tackling climate change, reducing the cost of electricity  and providing an essential home-grown energy source for the future.

November 11, 2014

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