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“Rocktopia” Now Union

March 22, 2018

By William Keeney

“Rocktopia” a broadway show with no stars on stage, but with a large chorus and musical component, is now union. This popular Broadway production has now reached an agreement with Actors’ Equity. Negotiations have been taking place since November 2017.
Since the producers of “Rocktopia” were not members of the Broadway League, negotiations were conducted directly between unions and the show. With “Rocktopia” having no actors on stage in the show, there were some unusual issues to be resolved. A recent Actors Equity press release notes that the contract covers all performers. This agreement includes a pay scale for the 30-person chorus of $18.50 an hour. An amount much more than the previously since the minimum wage in New York City is only  $13 per hour. This part of negotiations was sensitive to both parties.

The show is being produced on Broadway by William Franzblau in association with Hughes Wall LLC. Besides a 30-member chorus and 30 musicians, the show will feature lead singers and other artists. With ticket prices for “Rocktopia” ranging from $49 to $157, paying union rates for performers and support staff is certainly warrented.

“I am encouraged by and grateful for the thousands of Equity members, as well as all the members of our sister unions, who raised their voices over the last two weeks. Those declarations of solidarity led directly to this contract,” Kate Shindle, president of Actors’ Equity, said in the press release.

March 22, 2018

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