Review of “ ,The Humans” at the Helen Hayes Theater,

February 22, 2016
By  Dr. Leonard Golubchck, Entertainment Editor for the Labor Press

New York, NY -The Humans made the move to Broadway after a successful run with the same cast which was  produced through the Roundabout Theater.   This deeply affecting play by Stephen Karam and directed by Joe Montello is quite familiar to all of us, a family get together during Thanksgiving. This is a portrait of one family where the parents visit the younger daughter’s home in

The show deals with issues which is being argued in the political realm: caring for aging mother with dementia; economic and social problems, student debt, religion, anxiety about modern life, employment and a case of probable infidelity. The show is both comical and amusing on the one hand and psychodrama with emotional issues on the other hand.

The Blake’fs drive from Scranton PA to their daughter’s apartment with their younger daughter and mother.  The Blake’s played masterfully by Jayne Houdyshell and Reed Birney is shocked at the living conditions which is a windowless basement apartment with a spiral staircase. Erik;s mother is played by Lauren Klein who gives a remarkable portrayal of a woman with dementia . Sarah Steele portrays Bridget who is an unaccomplished composer and her boyfriend is played by Arian Moyed  who is not employed and a Masters student in debt. The younger sister is played by Cassie Beck. The ensemble cast provides the audience with laughter as well as pathos. There is even a supernatural element with lights flickering and strange banging. This could also represent the families’ unmet dreams.

The author Stephen  Karam and the director Joe Montello brings the ensemble cast and the meaning of family together to reflect the humanity of humans who are faced with choices while at the same time engages the audience with humor and a sense of the meaning of family.

February 21, 2016

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