Review of “Present Laughter”

April 12, 2017  
By Dr. Leonard H. Golubchick LaborPress Entertainment Editor

A Witty Shining Classic Show  

“Present Laughter” is a Noel Coward play which opened first on Broadway in 1946 and has been revised five times. This is a witty and funny farce starring the wonderful Kevin Kline who is delightful in this show.

This is a farce which Kevin Kline’s comic timing is fully engaged.  No doubt Mr. Kline will be recommended for a Tony whom he won two other times and also owns an Oscar for a “Fish called Wanda”.   Mr. Kline is seldom seen off stage and demonstrates he is a tour de force by being in his comic element.

MR. Kline plays Gary Essendine who is an aging matinee idol who has constant dalliances with much younger women.  The show opens with a young woman (played by first time Broadway actor Tedra Millan) who misplaced her latch key and had to spend the night.  The plot thickens in this drawing room farce when we meet   Gary’s butler, housekeeper and his long time secretary played with delightful guile by Kristine Nielsen.  Gary’s other love interest is Joanna Lyppiatt played by Cobie Smulders who audiences know from “How I met your Mother”.   Adding to farcical chaos are Bhaveshi Patel,  Peter Francis James ( who plays the husband of Joanna )and Reg Rogers who plays the lover of Joanna.  Added to this madcap mix is Kate Burton who deliciously plays Gary’s wife.

The Director Moritz Von Stuelpnagel adroitly integrates this ensemble cast to provide fun and enjoyment for the audience.

“Present Laughter” is highly recommended for the entire family for an enjoyable night at the theatre.

April 11, 2017

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