Review of “Our Mother’s Brief Affair”

January 26, 2016
By Dr.Leonard Golubchick, Entertainment Editor for Labor Press

New York, NY- This is Richard Greenberg’s 11th play which was produced by the Manhattan Theater Club. This is his second collaboration with the Director Lynne Meadow. there is no doubt  that Linda Lavin, who portrays a widowed; Jewish woman form Long Island on the verge of senility, is the star in her portrayal of Ana, Ms. Lavin is quite glib in voicing Mr. Greenberg’s witty and comic dialogue.

The story begins on a park bench where she meets her two twin children Seth and Abby (played by (Greg Keller and Kate Arrington) where she admits through flashbacks that she had a brief affair with a somewhat infamous historical character portrayed by John Procacino as the brother of Ethel Rosenberg whom along with her husband Julius Rosenberg were executed in the 1950’s for stealing United States secrets which helped the Russia’s develop the atomic bomb.

All four characters in the play present strong performances with quips and one-liners but the star of the show Linda Lavin does not miss a beat with witty dialogue in the telling of her story. The play ponders on and obviously should be cut to an hour and half without an intermission. The unfolding family drama could have succeeded with less  and certainly would be more interesting.

January 25, 2016

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