Review of “Love, Love, Love” A Roundabout Theater Production

November 9, 2016 
By Leonard Golubchck, LaborPress Entertainment Editor

New York, NY – “Love, Love, Love” ;is a satirical play written by Mike Bartlett. The show which is named from the first lines of the Beetles song, “All You Need is Love”  takes us from the 1960’s to present day as we look at two baby boomers who live in England.. ‘Are they self-absorbed and selfish individuals? This is an overarching theme of the play.

The first act introduces us to Henry (Alex Hurt) and Sandra (Amy Ryan); The triangle proceeds as Amy falls in love and marries Henry’s brother Kenneth (Richard Armitage). Decades later we see Sandra and Kenneth admitting to a series of affairs and they confess these dalliances to their teenage children Jamie (Ben Rosenfield) and Rose ( Zoe Kazan).Finally, the play moves to a few years later where we find Kenneth and Any divorced.

The director Michael Mayer takes Bartlett’s script and brings humor, irony and attire to life in am ost entertaining manner.

Derek McLane’s sets moves us seamlessly from one era to the next. Additionally, Susan Hilferty’s costumes invokes the different eras.

This adult oriented play will be found to be enjoyable and interesting while dealing with issues of growth and truthfulness.

November 8, 2016

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