Review of “If I Forget”

March 16, 2017  
By Dr. Leonard H. Golubchick LaborPress Entertainment Editor

“If I Forget”: is a play about a middle class Jewish family’s search for identity and implied self-hate. The playwright, Steven Levenson, of “Dear Evan Hansen” leaves his imprint about soul-searching issues and guilt.

Of children about how to handle an elderly father who suffers a stroke after the death of their Mother.. What to do with the store the Family owned for three generations and what to do with their father who needs 24 hour care. A familiar family theme which confronts many families when they are confronted with an elderly parent.

In this provocative and thought provoking play the Father is played by an accomplished actor Larry Bryggman. The Fischer children are played by.Jeremy Shamos, Maria Dizzia, Tasha Lawrence, Kate Walsh and Gary Wilmes as the son-in-law.

Jerry Shamos plays Micahel Fisher who is a self-hating Jew in the guise of a liberal. He wrote a Holocaust denial book,  “Forgeting the Holocaust”  which costs him his professorship and reputation. His sister played by Maria Dizzia who is the father’s caretaker demonstrates the necessary strength in an attempt to maintain family unity. Meanwhile Joey Oren, played by Gary Wilmes, reveals he was a victim of identity fraud while in a chat room and lost all his money thus he cannot provide any financial aid to assist the family.,

In spite of the content, Steven Levinson is able to intersperse humor which provides a lighter side to this drama which might be classified as a soap opera.

This show leaves the audience with thought, pathos, and satisfaction through Mr. Levenson”s fluid and page-turning duologue. .

This is a highly recommended play which will be soon heading to Broadway.

March 15, 2017

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